Why our Library is Important!

Libraries are the one place anyone can go, no matter class, economic status or education. It’s the only place you can go out into public and not be expected to pay for the services provided. The Rhinelander District Library gives access to those both who come to visit in person and patrons who are home bound. Here are some top reasons from BiblioLifestyle of why libraries are important to everyone.

  • Libraries provide a sense of community.
    • You can come to the Library for a social event, to do your homework, to meet up with friends, or to curl up in a corner and relax with a good book!
  • Libraries are important for education.
    • The Rhinelander District Library provides free classes, educational sessions, arts and crafts learning sessions and more! They provide large collections of children’s, young adult, and adult books, but also DVDs, music, magazines, newspapers, access to Wi-Fi and computers, the list goes on!
  • Libraries help to promote literacy.
    • The Rhinelander District Library has begun the creation of the Rhinelander Literacy Initiative, providing an opportunity to empower adults in the area to work with volunteers, one-to-one, for literacy tutoring!

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Visit https://www.rhinelanderlibrary.org/ to learn what great opportunities our Library can provide you!